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The world of Feral Awakening, as it currently stands, has just seen the end of the onslaught brought on by animals to their human opposites.
Feral beings of the lands have overrun the humans, taking advantage of the resources they had left behind upon fleeing. Now, in the post-war times, the animals of the planet run around freely and interact among each other peacefully.


 I think we need Ghost Busters over here.

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I think we need Ghost Busters over here. Empty
PostSubject: I think we need Ghost Busters over here.   I think we need Ghost Busters over here. Icon_minitimeFri Jul 19, 2013 9:51 pm

So this has been going on for a while; and Im sharing this to get this off of my mind. I guess I figure that If I get it all out in the open maybe when I read this back to myself I won't sound so crazy. I swear this story is true. It has to be true. Right. I'm not going crazy right?
So it started off as a joke to keep a scared child from becoming a petrified child. I was always reading and watching horror books and shows. So of course I tend to at time have a 'writers imagination' and as a child sometimes noises like the house settling used to really freak me out. The house settling was a body dragging its self over the upstairs floor. Stuff like that. Things that all little kids are scared of. So my mom and I jokingly called our spooky noises "Marvin." As I grew into a teen 'Marvin' became more and more of a joke.
When we heard noises at night "oh it must be Marvin" when something would come up missing "oh it most have been Marvin" when something came up moved in the middle of the night "oh Marvin must have needed it" and the more Marvin became a joke the more he faded out of my life. Until now. Recently due to family issues I moved up to my dads old room. More privacy anyway upstairs. In re doing my room; I have these little bird shaped bells. I hung two on my door and two on my bathroom door. In the middle of the night I noticed that they started to jingle. I figured it was my cats playing with them; and I was right. For awhile. Then I noticed a different sound like someone ringing the bell instead of just swatting it like my cats normally do. Hearing these new noises I opened the door more often then once hoping to find the cats swatting the bells. Nothing. I dismissed it; until it started going from my door to the bathroom and back; then it sounded like someone walking down the stairs. Ok this is an old house I thought to myself. Its the house settling and old houses always creek anyways. I dismissed it. Then a few nights ago there was this banging on what sounded like the outside of my room. By the window which would be hard but not impossible as its pretty easy to get on my side of the roof. I looked outside thinking someone was messing around. No one. As soon as I looked outside the sound sounded like it was going in a circle from inside my room. I'd get up to look and it would go back out. I dismissed it as fireworks. Then I started hearing voices and seeing shadows. Maybe myself just getting paranoid and to much caffeine/ horror flicks. I dismissed it until my dad who is like a brick wall when it comes to scaring him told me he thought he was hearing voices calling for him coming from upstairs. So currently last night I was laying in bed at about 11:30 ish and this gate outside my door falls over; very loudly. Swirl my greyhound who NEVER barks jumps up and starts barking and growling. Both dogs stood staring at the door and Swirl never growls. They wouldn't come to me or move from the door for about 10 minuets which is really odd as they are both obedient dogs. It looked in the dark like there was a shadow outside the door; as you can slightly see under mine. As soon as the shadow looked like it went away the dogs both jumped on my bed and slept facing the door. Something else Swirl never does. Sleep with me. Also a few days ago my dad and I got walkie talkies so he isnt screaming for me all the time. We heard talking and switched channels thinking we just got a channel someone else was on. Switching it the second time. I heard a cracked yell and I SWEAR it sounded like it was screaming for help. It sounded like she was yelling "oh god Sam help""oh my god oh god" and like someone was running or something. Maybe its my imagination. But my dad heard it too; he didn't hear what I heard but I had my ear smashed against the device and my dad is going deaf I swear.
which leaves me with tonight
Guys I'm not going crazy right?


If you die before you wake,
Do not cry and do not ache.
Nothing's ever yours to keep.
So close your eyes and go to sleep.
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I think we need Ghost Busters over here. Empty
PostSubject: Re: I think we need Ghost Busters over here.   I think we need Ghost Busters over here. Icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2013 9:02 pm

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I think we need Ghost Busters over here.
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