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We're glad you've decided to come take a peek.
The world of Feral Awakening, as it currently stands, has just seen the end of the onslaught brought on by animals to their human opposites.
Feral beings of the lands have overrun the humans, taking advantage of the resources they had left behind upon fleeing. Now, in the post-war times, the animals of the planet run around freely and interact among each other peacefully.


 Beta Testers anyone?

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Beta Testers anyone? Empty
PostSubject: Beta Testers anyone?   Beta Testers anyone? Icon_minitimeSat Feb 02, 2013 6:35 pm

Beta Tester Applications are closed now!

Please read everything below.

This is for a limited time.
And only a few people can check it out, so hurry!

Remember, not everyone will be accepted into Beta Testing the site.
Please don't take this in the wrong way! We want to see you on chat when we open.
We are just looking for people who will give us importaint feedback, and not just lounge around on our chat.

Your application could take a few minutes, to a few days to process. So please be patient!
If you harass, or beg us constantly to be let on chat your application will be thrown away.

If you do not comply with these rules your application will be thrown away and you will not be allowed to make another.

Thank you!



You must answer the following questions honestly.

Chatlands Name(s):
Forums Account:

Have you ever been banned from a chatland/forum? What chat?:
Have you ever been an Beta Tester on another chatland? Where?
Why do you want to be apart of Feral Awakening's Beta Testers?:
How long have you been on chatlands?:
How active will you be on forums and on chat?:

What exactly is beta testing?
Are you capable of abiding to a privacy agreement?

If you have other information you wish for us to know about, please put that last.
Send these to Merrick or another Alpha in a Private Message, thank you!

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Beta Testers anyone?
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